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A short film on Mike Langley, sign painter, for Vassilaros & Sons Coffee Co. From The Portland Egotist:

The attention to detail and steadiness of sign painting work blows our mind. You get that sense here in a very small dose, but if you have a chance be sure to check out Sign Painters because it will give you a respect and a healthy dose of inspiration for this unique section of the typographic fields.

(via John Boardley)

Believers should enjoy peace no matter our conditions, which is a form of acceptance, but it’s a form that has more to do with knowing grace in imperfect situations than with accepting that situations are unchangeable.

Jordan Send - Miracle Work, a down-to-earth guide to supernatural ministries (via akingdomwithin)

Photographing the fastest animal on earth


Okay so the title might be a bit misleading as the Peregrine Falcon is indeed the fasted animal on earth but I photographed it in studio pretty much standing still.

This is one of the images we made last week - the first of many, hopefully, in my new series - (I’ll wait until the project is complete before giving too much away).

To get ‘Lady Jane’ (the birds actual name) to lift her wings like this, Bruce Padbury, the falconer, would swing his lure just out of reach and she would rise up as if to go for it but then hold back. It took a few shots but we managed to get her at the perfect hight! An incredible bird in an incredible pose.

I am becoming more and more fond of photographing animals. I enjoy the challenge and love the results. 

Have any questions about animal photography? Let me know in the comment section.


An Amazing story of and amazing encounter. Jane finished her year at Destiny School of Ministry this year and has embarked her incredible journey in discovering freedom.



Beautiful prints by Michael Rogers of TV, movies and other pop culture icons.

We see and so we believe. We open our eyes and see. We see technology advancing. We see people do amazing things. We see nations at war. But if we close our eyes what do we see? Is there something beyond the darkness? Is it possible that there are great mysteries buried somewhere deep down 
beneath? Is it possible that there are things unseen? That after everywhere we’ve been and everything we’ve believed, we haven’t really seen? 

We believe and so we see
We see miracles

Created by: Andrew McGibbon & Luke Holden
Script: Tyron Akal
Voice: John Simmons
Dancer: Michelle Gibb

Number two of three videos we produced for promotion. For more information go to

On this earth we all want to mean something. We all want to do something important, we all want to be happy. We don’t want our lives to be for nothing. And we won’t let go until we find what we’re looking for. 

But what if we could? What if we had a good reason to? What if everything you ever wanted was in a place you’ve never seen, but only sensed, heard, maybe caught a glimpse of? Would you change the places you’re looking?

We all seek something
We seek the kingdom

Created by: Andrew McGibbon & Luke Holden
Script: Tyron Akal
Voice: John Simmons
ctress: Jane Armstrong
Music: Dustin O’Halloran

One of three videos we produced for promotion. For more information go to

We grow up with our heroes. Sports heroes and martial arts heroes and heroes with guns, 
but they can’t make us heroes. Heroes are fashioned and molded and formed. Eye to eye, heart to heart.
It’s the words that shape you, the hand that lifts you, the feet that walk with you that makes you who you are.
Our hero is with us.
We are brave because He is brave, we love because He is in love

He is our Father
And we are sons.

Created by: Andrew McGibbon & Luke Holden
Script: Tyron Akal
Voice: John Simmons
Actor: Rory Botha
Music: Dustin O’Halloran

Holi - What a really cool video. Awesome.


A Kingdom Within: Thoughts on Grace


I believe in grace and I am exceptionally thankful for it, if it weren’t for grace I don’t know what my life would look like now. But you see, grace is a funny thing… It is this incredible gift given to us by Christ at no cost. But this is where it gets interesting…

I want to love my life as a…